Love Notes Blend


Real talk— this is one smooth, delicious and flavorful coffee. There’s a reason it’s our house blend! It’s got a little bit of everything… chocolate, berry and a subtle hint of warm baking spices with a hazelnut aroma. One sip and you’ll be in love!

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Love Notes is a blend of coffees from 3 origins— Brazil, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Here’s what each origin brings to the table in our Love Notes Blend:
Brazil is a beautiful coffee with notes of chocolate covered berry alongside a smooth nuttiness and hint of warm spice.
Guatemala roasted a bit darker brings the body and a hint of must and bitterness that keeps you wanting more.
Nicaragua provides bright citrus fruitiness with subtle herbal notes.

What we love about it?
As our house blend, our hearts and MANY tasting sessions went into this blend. We blended and tasted (on repeat) until we achieved the perfect combination! It’s a full bodied, juicy coffee with notes of chocolate and sweet cherry.

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12oz, 2lb, 5lb


whole bean, ground

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