Guatemala Single Origin


Straight from Brazil, with love! A Single Origin coffee means that it’s one variety of coffee bean from one farm that has all the flavor you could want! This coffee comes from the Fazenda Santa Maria farm and brings you an aroma of sweet plum and flavors of dark chocolate, cherry and peanut brittle.


In the highlands of western Guatemala sits the city ofHuehuetenango at an elevation of 1500-2000 MASL. Several small producers from the area bring their ripe cherry down to the local dry mill and are paid premiums on the spot for their crop. The dry mill collective processes the coffee to a fully washed process. The fruit of the coffee cherry is removed, leaving a sticky mucilage that is then removed by soaking in a tank of water for 24-36 hours. The coffee beans are then washed with water and dried in the sun. These coffees are typically clean and bright.

What we love about this coffee?
We love the toasted nut aroma and malty cocoa flavor behind this medium roast.  It’s the perfect bean to pair with breakfast.


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12oz, 2lb, 5lb


whole bean, ground

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