Espresso Blend


Don’t let the espresso fool you! Yes— it’s amazing when brewed as an espresso shot. But, it’s also an outstanding cup of coffee! A sweet aroma of toasted walnut and blueberry leads to flavors of blackberry, almond and caramel.


Espresso Blend combines coffee from Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Colombia— that’s right, 4 different beans! The result? A coffee with a full body, fruit-forward brightness and roasty undertones. With a complex profile of flavors, every sip will take you on a journey that keeps you coming back for more.

What we love about it?
It’s the best of all worlds! While it’s a medium roast, dark roast lovers love this blend! Ethiopia brings flavors of bright fruit, while Guatemala balances it out with some notes of roasted nut. Brazil and Colombia give it a nice balance and smooth finish.

Additional information


12oz, 2lb, 5lb


whole bean, ground

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