School Pride Blend – KC Educators


Custom labeled to show off your school pride!

Straight from Brazil, with love! This coffee brings you an aroma of sweet plum and flavors of dark chocolate, cherry and peanut brittle.


From the Sublime Fazenda Santa Maria farm of Brazil comes this delicious Pulped Natural coffee. Pulped Natural is a process where the skin of a coffee cherry is removed shortly after picking. That’s right, coffee beans are actually the seeds of a cherry! So, in this process, the coffee seed sits in the juicy mucilage (aka the pulp) while the bean dries and soaks up the goodness!

What we love about this coffee?
We love the sweet, juicy plum flavors most of all! It has a medium body and is smooth from start to finish! Just a subtle bittersweet note comes through at the end that will leave you wanting more.

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2oz, 12oz, 5lb


whole bean, ground


Belton High School